The Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes

Published: 19th March 2010
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The sports market is flooded with bikes of all sizes, shapes, and styles. Finding the right one can be somewhat painstaking for the average consumer, but it's not impossible. Before you purchase anything or even search, make sure you set a budget. A good even budget will help your decision making process go a lot more smoother than by simply buying out of impulse. There are several options to consider when looking at the best entry level mountain bikes, so make sure that before hand you have set aside a few extra dollars for wiggle room.

The best entry level mountain bikes come from several brand name mountain biking companies. There are several styles available to consumers including the hardtail bike, the rigid bike, the soft tail bike and the full suspension bike. Each one has pros and cons and feature accessories and upgrades like suspension, rear brakes, and front brakes. Ideally it is important to get a bike that has all around features to make sure you get the best of all worlds. A good bike should be light weight and durable and a body that leans forward. Consider the following models when looking at the best entry level bike:

The Trek 4300 mountain bike is one of the best newer models to consider as it features a wealth of great key functions, as well as great aluminum construction. It is durable, comes equipped with lots of standard parts. While it is not suitable for extreme riding, it is perfect for a beginner or a novice. The bike can be upgraded at several stages, to allow for long term use as a rider progresses with different skill sets. The price is somewhat reasonable at under $400, making it a great overall choice. The reviews on this bike are nearly all good, so you know you're getting a good bike.

Another great choice is the Kona Kula mountain bike. This bike weighs around 26 pounds and is a good overall tested bike. It has a strong, durable frame, and is made for trail riding as well. It comes with great reviews and while it is not really meant for extreme riding, it can be a great entry point into the sport. The price usually hovers around $500 - $1000 but can be found for less, depending on season.

The Scott Aspect 50 has been touted as one of the best entry level mountain bikes that money can buy. With a price point of $399 it is a premiere bike for all around trail riding. Much like the aforementioned bikes, this one is not going to live up to the demands of die hard riders, but it will manage to help coax amateurs to progress to better levels of riding. With many upgradeable features, this bike comes with strong construction, and great accessories to match any other bike in the same price range.

When purchasing a new mountain bike make sure that the fit is right for you. There are several sizes to consider, and several options to look at when purchasing. If you don't understand what a certain part does, or what your sizing options are, ask an experienced rider or sales person. Make sure you fully understand the components before settling on any brand name or style.

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